HowToBits.com was born with the intention of bringing quick code snippets so you can find the missing bit required in your development activity.

As a programmer, you have to deal with an endless amount of information. It is basically impossible to memorize the amount of information required, so it is natural to search online how to achieve something. However, when this happens, we are usually flooded with slow websites, full of advertisement, and with irrelevant content.

HowToBits.com is different. We present the information you are looking for as soon as we can. This approach can hurt our Search Engine Optimization metrics, as good sites are supposed to keep the user for a long time (aka. “engagement”), however, we think differently. There is nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time searching for a small piece of code.

We hope you enjoy our bits and good luck in your development journey! Feel free to contact us in case of questions or suggestions.